How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

UK Pet Food have been working with Prof. Thomas Webb, Professor of Psychology from the University of Sheffield, to develop a new tool to help pet owners understand and tackle the challenges they face when feeding their dogs. If you want to learn how to help your dog lose weight, this is the first place to start!

Dog Weight Loss Tool

Our new dog obesity tool has two parts: 

1. 'Who's in charge when it comes to feeding your dog?' quiz
This quiz helps dog owners think about their feeding and treating behaviour and how it can contribute to their dog's weight.

2. How to help your dog lose weight help sheet
Download and complete our dog obesity help sheet to create a personalised plan that identifies challenge(s) and links to strategies to help your dog lose weight. It can be saved, emailed or printed and used by dog owners and their family/household members.

You can learn more about our dog obesity tool here:

Are you feeding your dog correctly?

Take our quiz to find out how whether the foods and treats you give your dog could be contributing to their weight gain.