Healthy Weight Management

At UK Pet Food, we work with many pet nutrition experts who have helped us create numerous useful posters, tools and resources to support the healthy weight management of pets. They are written by professionals for professionals - to be shared with pet owners. We hope that having all these tools in one place helps you on your weight management journey.

It is incredibly important to understand how much you should feed your pet - taking into account both complete food and any complimentary treats. You should also be aware of the recommended levels of exercise your pet should be getting on a daily basis. 

It has been proven that not only is chronic disease delayed in pets who are of optimum weight but preventing pets from becoming obese can also extend their lives. A 14 year study (Keely et al) showed that dogs fed to lean condition from early puppyhood throughout later life can enjoy up to two more healthy, active years.

UK Pet Food research confirmed that 74% of vets believe pet obesity levels are increasing.

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