Dog Calorie Calculator NRC Method

UK Pet Food's dog calorie calculator uses the NRC method under FEDIAF guidelines. Use this calculator as a starting point for creating a healthy dog diet for your pup.

NRC 4-Step Method

Our dog calorie calculator uses the Predictive Equations of NRC 2006 (the 4-step method) to estimate the Metabolisable Energy (ME) of prepared foods for cats and dogs in accordance with FEDIAF Guidelines

The NRC 4-step method involves the following steps:

1. Calculate GE (Gross Energy)
2. Calculate energy digestibility (%)
3. Calculate digestible energy
4. Convert into metabolizable energy

Any analysis of the food provided by the manufacturer will be the most accurate for that specific product. However, if the dog food calorie content is not provided on the label or the website of the manufacturer, you can use this calculator for a good estimate of the energy content of the product.

Some brands of dog food have lower feeding amounts due to the formulation of their diets and different levels of digestibility. Please contact the manufacturer for the most accurate calorie content of their product and feeding guides.

Using this information as a starting point. When feeding your dog, you need to consider their ideal weight and body condition score. If you're unsure, use our Dog-Size-O-Meter to learn how to check your dog's size and weight. Regular weighing of the animal and adjusting their food to their need based on weight gain/loss, by a veterinary professional, is also critical. 

On this page, the term ‘calorie’ refers to kilocalorie unit of energy (symbol: kcal).

For more information and how the formulas are used in this calculator please refer to our Calorie Fact Sheet.

Dog Calorie Calculator

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Daily Feeding Amounts:

If you feed your dog treats and snacks, please note they should not form more than 10% of the whole diet’s calorie content. This means at least 90% of calorie contribution should come from the complete pet food, and up to 10% from treats.

Pet owners are advised to use accurate kitchen scales to weight the food to the exact amount recommended by the manufacturer or their vet. Feeding based on volume or estimating the amount of food is subject to error.

For more information please refer to calorie-fact-sheet.