Small Mammal Nutrition

Small mammals, sometimes referred to as small furries, such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, are some of the most popular pets in the UK.

However, despite being grouped together based on their size, they have different nutritional needs.

In the wild small mammals live in different climates and naturally eat different foods. In fact, food suitable for one species can be totally unsuitable for another, with some of them only feeding on plants and others relying on animal proteins in their diet. 

Pet owners are encouraged to seek reliable advice, specific to their pet. This will help to provide a balanced diet, a significant contributor to a healthy, happy pet.  Here you will find out top tips on what to feed your pet and what not to feed!

Small Mammal Nutrition by Species


Rabbit Nutrition


Guinea Pig Nutrition


Hamster Nutrition


Ferret Nutrition


Chinchilla Nutrition