Wet vs Dry Food for Dogs and Cats

Members of UK Pet Food commit to formulating their diets in line with the European Pet Industry’s ‘FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines’, which detail the nutritional needs of dogs and cats throughout every stage of their lives.  These guidelines are the gold standard for manufacturers and are peer-reviewed by independent veterinary nutrition experts throughout Europe.

When considering wet vs dry food for your cat or dog, the answer comes down to the individual needs and preferences of your pet. Choices may be limited due to their life stage or clinical conditions. It also depends on what works well for you, as their owner. Luckily, there is a huge variety of dry, wet and raw pet food available to suit most pets and their owners.

Whatever format you prefer, the main consideration is for owners to choose a ‘complete’ food for their pet. All complete foods are designed to meet your pet’s nutritional needs.

We have excellent information on our website on these different formats – giving more detail on wet, dry and raw pet foods – including the pros and cons.

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