Safety and Standards

The UK are proud champions of some of the highest feed safety and animal welfare standards in the world.

Pet food is subject to over 50 pieces of legislation - in addition to this, all UK Pet Food members sign our Member Charter on an annual basis. The Charter details the legal requirements, Codes of Practice and guidelines which ensure safety & quality standards. We work hard, alongside FEDIAF, to ensure these are maintained.



Following the EU-Exit, we face the most major recalibration of UK trade and related policies in more than half a century. This most ambitious venture presents particular challenges to manufacturing sectors such as ours that are grounded in long-term policy planning and dependent on agricultural production.

We encourage our members to have responsible sourcing policies and traceability programmes in place to ensure high standards and maintain trust. This is particularly important as we carve out a new position in the world post EU-Exit and embark on trade deal negotiations. 

Read our Post-Brexit Trade Priorities.