11 Jul 2022

Why choose your pet food from a UK Pet Food member?

UK Pet Food and its members sometimes get asked by pet owners, or pet professionals, the question of ‘what does UK Pet Food membership really mean?’ Or ‘Why should I choose a member over a company that’s not a member?’

In this vibrant infographic sheet you will find the key features of UK Pet Food membership and what you can expect when you choose food from a UK Pet Food member.

Safety and Quality

All members sign up to the UK Pet Food Charter and Codes of Practice annually, which detail the legal requirements and safety & quality standards they must meet.

Peace of mind

Using UK Pet Food members will give you peace of mind that you are sourcing your pet food from a reputable business who are happy to discuss your questions.

Knowledge and Expertise

UK Pet Food members have access to regular training, latest science updates and tailored advice from leading industry experts.

Professional Representation

Choosing our members means you have somewhere to go for help, in the unlikely event of something going wrong, as UK Pet Food can act as a mediator where necessary.

Eligibility to join

Only eligible companies can become members, through an application process involving references, a site visit and committee review.

Reputation and Prominence

The vast majority of UK pet food companies choose to be members because they see its value, even though membership is voluntary.

Compliance with pet food legislation

There are over 50 pieces of legislation that control the manufacturing and marketing of pet food.

A few examples are:

• Animal Feed Regulations 2010
• Animal By-Products Regulations 2011
• Reg EC 767/2009 on the placing on the market and 
use of feed
• Reg EC 1831/2003 on additives for use in animal nutrition

Implementing assurance schemes

• External certifications and auditing

• Supplier assurance schemes

• In-house quality assurance

For details of individual company schemes please contact them directly.