27 Mar 2024

London leads the pack as the UK’s Pet Capital

The latest findings from UK Pet Food's Pet Population research have confirmed London's status as the UK’s pet-loving capital1. Analysis reveals that London leads the nation in both dog and cat ownership, with significant percentages of households welcoming furry companions into their homes.

According to the new research, 46% of homes in London have a dog, while 44% share their space with a cat. This data sets London apart from the rest of the UK.

Outside the capital, cat ownership dips to 30% or lower, with Northern Ireland, the South East and East Midlands the second and joint third most popular regions for feline companionship. However, households in the North East and Yorkshire are the least likely to have a cat, with only a quarter (25%) opening their homes to these furry friends.

In contrast, while London takes the lead in dog ownership, other regions are not so far behind in their love of their canine companions. Residents in the North, Wales, and Scotland are among the most likely to open their homes to canine friends, with percentages ranging from 40% to 42%. Households in the South East are less likely to have a dog, with only 29% of homes welcoming these loyal companions.

NP Hebe 24
Nicole Paley & Hebe

Nicole Paley, Deputy Chief Executive of UK Pet Food comments: “As a proud cat-owner living in London, I'm delighted to see the trend of urban residents benefiting from the companionship of four-legged friends. Cats, despite needing care, are remarkably self-sufficient, offering companionship and entertainment. Furthermore, our research reveals that dogs play a significant role in promoting physical fitness, with 38% of dog owners reporting an increase in their activity levels. Beyond that, dogs contribute to a sense of overall wellbeing, enriching life in the city.”

This year's Pet Population data is featured as part of the comprehensive 'Pet Data Report,' offering insights into UK population data, regional trends, market data, pet nutrition research and more. For further details, visit ukpetfood.org.

For more information, please contact [email protected]. Nicole Paley 07718 518579 or Fritha Flint 07776 184083

Notes to editors:

Case studies who are happy to speak about pet ownership in London, include:

  • UK Pet Food’s Deputy CEO, Nicole Paley who lives in Wandsworth with her cat Hebe
  • Michael Bellingham, CEO UK Pet Food who owns a cat Sooty and dog Tessa and they live in Balham near Tooting Common in London
  • Ricky Davison, PR Consultant who shares his home with Whiskers the cat in Highbury, Islington. 
  • Plus many more!


1 A Kantar / Soulor Consulting online survey with 8956 households regarding their pet ownership, released March 2024.