21 Apr 2024

National Pet Month’s Healthy Feeding Guide: Part 2

Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science and Education for UK Pet Food, shares her top tips on feeding your animal companion on a budget and the correct storage of your pet’s food.

With the cost of living crisis, it’s been a challenging climate for many pet owners, so at UK Pet Food we’re passionate about providing plenty of great resources to ensure our animal companions continue to receive a healthy and nutritious diet.

Check out our website, ukpetfood.org, including our fact sheet on how to buy pet food on a budget.

Consider buying your pet food in bigger quantities as larger packs can make it more cost effective, and look out for offers and discounts from your favourite brands as this can be a great way of saving money too.

How you store your pet’s food is so important and is something that we can easily get wrong sometimes, leading to more unnecessary expense.

Dry, wet and raw food all require very different ways of storing. Some need to be kept at room temperature, some in the fridge and others in the freezer, so always follow the storage guide on the packaging.

It’s easy to become complacent about storing dry food thinking it will never get spoiled, but we have to store it in the correct way, and this includes always sealing the bag. Don’t let air go into the bag and never put any food back in as this can easily spoil the whole pack.

If keeping food in the fridge, make sure to dispose of it within the time that it says on the pack. Here’s some more advice on storing and handling pet food.

Remember, if you would like more advice on your pet’s food, as well as checking out ukpetfood.org you can always contact the customer service department for your chosen brand of food.

Never be afraid to ask questions. If you’re unsure about something, don’t just believe what you read on the internet. Contact the relevant pet and vet professionals directly. Pet Food companies, for example, are more than happy to explain things to you and offer advice and support.

By taking these simple steps you can provide good nutrition for your pet at every life stage, without breaking the bank. There is a food for every budget and years of science has gone into the development of pet foods so owners should not be made to feel guilty if purchasing a more ‘basic’ product.

For more information on all aspects of your pet’s diet add ukpetfood.org to your favourites.

National Pet Month: April 1-May 1. #NPM24