26 Oct 2022

UK Pet Food Pet Obesity Poster

UK Pet Food's Obesity Poster, 'Get Hands-On With Your Pet', includes 7 easy-to-follow steps and top tips, from finding the right product and how to follow fedding guidelines, to regular weight checks.
UK Pet Food Pet Obesity Poster.png
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Step One

Find the product that’s suitable for your pet. Ask your veterinary professional for tips and read more on the label or online.

Step Two

Follow the product’s feeding guide, as a starting point. Adjustment may be needed depending on your pet’s age, neuter status, breed and lifestyle.

Step Three

Weigh food portions with an accurate kitchen scale. Estimating food amount by volume is subject to error.

Step Four

If you choose to treat your pet, do it occasionally. Adjust meals accordingly to help control calorie intake. Avoid human food and table scraps.

Step Five

Keep them moving! Ensure an active lifestyle with lots of walks and playtime. This
has mutual health benefits for you and your pet.

Step Six

Weigh your pet regularly, and check their body condition using our fun Pet Size-O-Meters.
Ideally, you should be able to feel their ribs with very light finger pressure.

Step Seven

If your pet is overweight, or you notice a weight gain or loss, talk to your vet. There may be a
health issue which needs treatment or a special diet.*


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