10 Jan 2024

PSC Partners with UK Pet Food to Support Sustainable Packaging Journey

The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) is excited to partner with UK Pet Food–the leading trade body for the UK pet food industry–to open the Packaging Pledge program to its members this year. Since its launch in August of 2022, PSC has provided tools and resources for 15 pet brands and distributors to enable their transition to recyclable, refillable, or compostable packaging by 2025. PSC looks forward to launching a UK-focused cohort to address sustainable packaging challenges and solutions through this partnership.

What is the Packaging Pledge?

The PSC Packaging Pledge seeks to drive necessary change in the pet industry through engagement across the entire supply chain. It is a program that helps companies meet voluntary, public, and time-bound commitments that will improve the sustainability of their packaging.

“We commit to transitioning toward recyclable, refillable

and compostable packaging by 2025” - PSC Packaging Pledge

It was constructed in consultation with many leading experts and directly aligns with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

According to Ali Boden, Sr Packaging Program Manager at PSC, “more than 300 million pounds of flexible plastic packaging is created in North America by the pet industry each year, with 99% of it ending up in landfills due to the commonly used multilayer multi-material nature of pet food and treat packaging. The Packaging Pledge aims to provide the resources and guidance for the pet industry to advance their packaging toward scalable sustainable solutions and reduce landfill-bound pet packaging waste.” In addition to flexible plastic packaging, the Packaging Pledge provides resources for all types of commonly used packaging in the pet industry. 

Packaging Pledge Performance

Since launching the Packaging Pledge at SuperZoo, one of the pet industry’s signature trade shows, PSC has had the opportunity to collaborate with pet brands and distributors with diverse product portfolios and operations. The current 15 signatories include:

  • Austin and Kat
  • Baja Naturals
  • Boxiecat
  • Canidae
  • Earth Animal
  • FeraPet Organics
  • H&H Group (Zesty Paws & Solid Gold)
  • Instinct
  • MPM Products
  • Petcurean
  • Phillips Pet Food & Supplies
  • Primal Pet Group
  • Project Watson (Bausch & Lomb)
  • Stella & Chewy’s
  • ZIWI

“Plastic packaging is one of the most complex and largest sustainability issue’s we have at Earth Animal. We also know that the global plastics landscape is ever-changing, therefore, no one company can navigate this issue on their own. By becoming a founding donor and signatory of the PSC Packaging Pledge, we have engaged with a group of connected, sustainability experts that have helped transform our packaging strategy. As a committed participant of this collaborative initiative, we have developed invaluable relationships with like-minded, solution, and action-oriented organizations worldwide. Together, we have been inspired to share experiences, vital insights & perspectives, and resources with each other that have truly enhanced our positive environmental impact!” - Stephanie Volo, Earth Animal

According to Nicole Paley, Deputy CEO at UK Pet Food and Sustainability lead: “We would love to see a cohort of our members added to this list of signatories. When a company commits to the PSC Packaging Pledge, they are immediately provided with a variety of tools and resources to assist them in their sustainable packaging journey.”

Support Tools and Resources include:

  1. Peer Working Group: All signatories gather for bi-monthly collaborative sessions to share individual packaging resources and participate in roundtable discussions.  
  2. Business Case Support: All signatories have access to business cases that inform stakeholders of proven successes within sustainable packaging.
  3. Supplier Marketplace Access: A directory of pre-vetted packaging suppliers offering sustainable packaging solutions.
  4. Legislative Updates: Bi-annual global packaging legislative updates both written and presented by experts.
  5. Signatory Badge & Digital Assets: A “Packaging Pledge Signatory” badge to proudly display on websites and social media outlets, as well as social media templates that include their company logo and promote their commitment.
  6. Benchmarking & Reporting Tools: Access to benchmarking tools, individual packaging strategy consulting hours, and any packaging strategy workshops or events provided by PSC.

“Being a committed member of the Packaging Pledge has significantly transformed MPM Products approach to sustainability. Engaging in this initiative has allowed MPM to forge valuable connections with like-minded businesses globally. As part of this collaborative effort, we relish the opportunity to exchange innovative ideas, share experiences, and address common challenges. The Packaging Pledge has created a platform for us to navigate the complexities of enhancing our environmental impact collectively.” - Joy Stevenson, MPM Products

How to Join

The Packaging Pledge has traditionally been only available to PSC members, however, through this opportunity with UK Pet Food, members of UK Pet Food will also be able to participate in the Packaging Pledge.

If you are a UK Pet Food member interested in joining the Packaging Pledge, please reach out to Ali Boden, Sr Packaging Program Manager: [email protected]

Don’t forget, current PSC members are welcome to participate in the Packaging Pledge too! Please contact Ali Boden to learn more about PSC member rates and to discuss your sustainable packaging goals.

About the Pet Sustainability Coalition

The Pet Sustainability Coalition advances business through profitable environmental and social business practices. Founded in 2013 by eight companies, PSC now serves more than 170 member companies across the pet industry, helping them to progress on their sustainability practices, set and strive for ambitious goals, and report on their achievements. Additionally, the PSC leads retailers, distributors, brands, and suppliers in pursuing collaborative solutions to some of the largest industry-wide issues, such as sustainable packaging and ingredient sourcing. Connect with us on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. and. Learn more at www.petsustainability.org.

About UK Pet Food

UK Pet Food (previously known as the Pet Food Manufacturers Association) works to advance pet health and well-being with quality nutrition from a sustainable, progressive pet food industry. We are an association for pet food manufacturers, suppliers, and the wider industry. Our members account for over 90% of the pet food market and are responsible for feeding the nation’s wide range of pets. Learn more at www.ukpetfood.org


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