11 Oct 2023

UK Pet Food Introduces Innovative Dog Obesity Tool to Tackle Growing Concerns

In response to the alarming rise in pet obesity, UK Pet Food is proud to announce the launch of an interactive and educational tool designed to empower dog owners with the knowledge and resources to combat this pressing issue.

The tool, developed in collaboration with renowned human psychologist Professor Thomas Webb from the University of Sheffield, aims to create healthier and happier lives for our canine companions.

The United Kingdom is currently facing a pet obesity crisis, with an estimated 50% of dogs considered as overweight or obese by vets.[1] This growing concern not only affects the overall well-being of our beloved pets but also places additional stress on healthcare resources and incurs substantial costs for pet owners.

Recognizing the urgency of this situation, UK Pet Food partnered with Professor Thomas Webb, a leading expert in behaviour change, to devise an innovative solution. Together, they have created an engaging and informative tool that combines psychology with practical advice to help dog owners make informed decisions about their pets' nutrition.

The first part of this initiative is a quiz titled "Who's in charge when it comes to feeding your dog?" The quiz delves into the dynamics of feeding habits and offers dog owners insights into their roles in their pet's dietary regimen. After completing the quiz, participants are provided with a personalized help sheet tailored to their unique circumstances, enabling them to address challenging scenarios where overfeeding or overtreating their dogs may be a risk.

The tool incorporates Professor Thomas Webb's extensive knowledge in behaviour change to help dog owners:

- Identify triggers that lead to overfeeding and overtreating.

- Establish practical strategies to create healthier feeding routines.

- Make informed choices when selecting pet food products.

- Promote a balanced diet that meets their dog's nutritional needs.

Sarah headshot.jpeg

Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science & Education, UK Pet Food


"We are committed to combating pet obesity and fostering a better understanding of the importance of a healthy diet for dogs," said Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science and Education at UK Pet Food. "Our collaboration with Professor Thomas Webb brings a fresh perspective to the problem, bridging the gap between human psychology and pet nutrition."



This new dog obesity tool, along with the range of existing body condition charts and other obesity resources, is poised to make an impact on improving the lives of pet dogs and strengthening the bond between pets and their owners.

For more information about UK Pet Food's dog obesity tool and to take the quiz, please visit www.ukpetfood.org.

[1] Data is based on UK Pet Food’s survey of vets at London Vet Show 2022.