28 Jun 2023

UK Pet Food Sponsor the first ever Parrot Awareness Week (PAW)

UK Pet Food, along with The Parrot Society UK and a number of other organisations and exotic vets are running the first ever Parrot Awareness Week (PAW) from 2 to 8 July 2023

Promoting Excellent Husbandry & Welfare for Captive Parrotlike Birds

Parrot Awareness Week has been launched in 2023 to promote improving welfare for pet parrot-like birds. Over the course of the week, our aim is to highlight a number of important themes with respect to parrot welfare in captivity, to help owners provide their parrots with the best care possible.

‚ÄčThe week has been spearheaded by the Parrot Society UK a registered charity, in partnership with UK Pet Food, Petcover Group and helped by a group of dedicated volunteers, including several avian veterinary professionals, to help get the information out there. The week will culminate at the Pet Parrot Gathering - an event hosted by the Parrot Society and held at Stafford County Showground on the 8th of July 2023, that will feature a symposium of talks from prominent figures in the field of parrot care and welfare, along with trade stands selling parrot related food, toys and equipment along with competitions and lots more!

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For more information about Parrot Awarness Week please visit - Pet Parrot Care | Parrot Awareness Week