Innovation Forum: The Future of Climate Action: How to tackle Scope 3 GHGs

From Innovation Forum website: "This online climate conference will focus entirely on the practical action business can take to tackle Scope 3 emissions. We’ll highlight leading company practices and assess how business transformation, supply chain innovation and low-carbon solutions can deliver results on the ground. Over three days, our climate conference will bring together a global audience of cross-industry experts to ensure a platform for genuine debate, discussion and progress. The focus throughout will remain on the practical steps business can take to engage key actors, decarbonise supply chains and achieve net zero."

Agenda highlights

  • From commitments to action: How are leading companies performing against their climate targets?  
  • The roadmap to net zero: How to ensure interim targets deliver the speed and scale required   
  • Sustainable sourcing: How effective procurement can drive engagement and more meaningful progress on  Scope 3  
  • Carbon removal: Practical examples that integrate removals with reductions in a successful climate strategy
  • Mandatory climate disclosure: How do we turn this into business opportunity?
  • Product carbon footprinting: How to measure, manage and communicate the complete impact of a specific product
  • Nature positive production: How supply chain data can drive sustainable transformation on the ground
  • Supplier target setting: What incentive structures are required to engage suppliers in emissions reduction? 
  • Mapping your Scope 3: The leading approaches to measure, monitor and verify Scope 3 emissions
  • Credibility, accountability and reputational risk: How big of a threat is greenwashing?
  • Climate justice and adaptation: The role of business to mitigate risk and build community resilience to the effects of climate change 
  • Benchmarking resources: How do your frameworks, processes and budgets stack up against your peers?

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