Regenerative Agriculture Webinar

On 21 November at 10.00 we are hosting a webinar to introduce the concept of Regenerative Farming and what this means for the pet food industry.

We will be joined by agricultural expert, Alice Midmer, from the Allerton Project. The Allerton project is an award-winning initiative which researches the effects of different farming methods on wildlife and the environment on their farm in Leicestershire.

Matt Ryan, Regeneration Lead at Nestle, will accompany Alice to show case a real-life example of regenerative agriculture in practice. We will conclude with how this links to pet food and how members can get involved.      

Title: Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture

  1. Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture & Allerton Project:
  2. Key Practices in Regenerative Agriculture:
  3. Environmental & Social Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture:
    • Carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation
    • Water management and soil erosion prevention
    • Enhancing biodiversity, wildlife habitat, and ecosystem resilience
    • Improving farm profitability and resilience through regenerative practices
    • Strengthening local communities and rural economies
    • Enhancing food security
  4. Case Studies and Live Programs
    • Showcasing real-world examples of successful regenerative agriculture projects, linked back to Pet Food
  5. Q&A Session

We encourage all members to sign up, this is set to be a great session!

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