UK Pet Industry Statistics

Each year, UK Pet Food publishes pet food market data, in addition to the pet population figures, so that we can provide our members and the public with useful statistics.  The data is released every Spring - usually towards the end of March.  If you have any data queries, do contact the team [email protected]


At UK Pet Food, we have commissioned the UK's pet population survey for over 15 years and have become established as the UK's trusted source of pet data. Our survey has evolved over time and we are regularly quoted by welfare organisations, pet industry colleagues, government and the media.

Our surveys are currently online and we receive feedback from over 8000 households to collect our UK pet industry statistics. In addition to the top ten pet figures and percentages of households owning pets, we ask more detailed questions on acquisition, habits and relinquishment to collect our data.

Our market data is extremely popular and we produce a detailed report which is available to purchase. However, we also publish top line figures for everyone to review on our website.  


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UK Pet Population


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Pet Obesity Statistics

Pet Obesity Statistics

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