30 Jun 2022

Can all wild birds eat the same?

A bird's life stage and the seasons have a big impact on its nutritional requirements.

How Does A Bird’s Life-Stage And The Seasons Affect Their Nutritional Requirements? 

At different times of the year, wild birds will go through a multitude of conditions, which can be a strain on their energy.


With SPRING, the breeding and nesting season begins. Building nests, incubating eggs and feeding young chicks can all take their toll. During this period, it is important to put out foods that are high in fats and carbohydrates.


As the weather begins to warm up in the SUMMER, there seems to be more natural food readily available to our wild birds. However, many insects, such as worms, begin to bury deeper into the ground. Making it hard for many birds to find them. Foods that are high in proteins are best fed throughout the summer.


In AUTUMN, the birds have to face their next challenge – the Autumn Moult. This is the process of shedding and growing new feathers. Foods that are high in energy are best fed during this time.


Once the birds have got through the moult, the ground begins to freeze over as the WINTER sets in. A shortage of natural food, including insects and berries, makes it difficult for our wild birds to get the nutritional requirements they need to survive. They require fat for energy and insulation against the cold, and they also need protein to keep their muscles in good working order.

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The Importance Of Variety

UK Pet Food members produce species-specific blends, as well as seasonal blends and standard blends that are suitable for most types of garden birds. However, it is important to make sure that the blend is suitable for the species of bird that is visiting your garden or the species that you are looking to attract. Suet-based and other high-fat products are perfect for high-energy requirements and can be used to supplement the diet. These feeds ensure birds can get as much energy as possible. By putting out a variety of seed mixes and treats, you will be helping the birds get as many nutrients as possible to help them thrive. However, it is important to ensure the seed is clean and fresh when choosing a seed blend.

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