31 Oct 2023

UK Pet Food releases two new resources: a Parrot Feeding Poster and Fish Nutrition Factsheet

UK Pet Food has expanded its range of expert-written, free resources about pet nutrition to include a useful Parrot Feeding Guide Poster and vibrant Fish Nutrition Factsheet.  Both visuals are available for display by pet retailers, vets, and other pet professionals to be shared with owners.

These new additions to UK Pet Food’s educational offering, which includes 40 factsheets and posters, are designed to enhance knowledge, and provide valuable feeding tips for our feathered and aquatic companions.

UK Pet Food's Parrot Feeding Guide Poster is an educational resource that details the dietary requirements and foraging behaviours of pet parrots. The poster features colourful illustrations, essential information, and links to other parrot resources.

The Fish Nutrition Factsheet is a vital and comprehensive guide to the art of fish nutrition.  It explains the wide range of nutritional requirements and feeding strategies, in addition to explaining the connection between food and water quality.

Nicole Paley, Deputy Chief Executive UK Pet Food, comments: “These resources demonstrate UK Pet Food's commitment to providing professionals and pet owners with the nutritional knowledge to care for their pets responsibly. Both the Parrot Poster and Fish Factsheet are available to download for free on the UK Pet Food website.

For more information about UK Pet Food's products and educational resources, please visit www.ukpetfood.org.

About UK Pet Food:

The mission of UK Pet Food, formerly known as the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association or PFMA, is to promote the health and well-being of pets through high-quality nutrition sourced from an environmentally conscious and forward-thinking pet food sector