28 Jun 2023

Pet Parrot Feeding Poster

Parrots enjoy a varied diet that help replicate their natural feeding behaviours

In the wild parrots’ diet is enormously varied consisting of a range of fruits, seeds, nuts, and other plants depending on their species. They also spend a huge amount of their time foraging and searching for their food.  When parrots are kept as companion animals, it is critical to provide them with the appropriate diet and environment to allow them to thrive and live a long, healthy life. For pet birds, most of their diet should be a good quality commercial product that is formulated for the species and supplemented with fresh produce such as leafy greens, and plenty of foraging opportunities to keep them occupied as well as nourished.  

Click on our poster to read more about a balanced diet and feeding enrichments to replicate natural feeding behaviours in pet parrots. You can download and print this poster up to an A2 size or contact us if you would like copies of this poster for your veterinary practice, pet shop or re-homing centre.