02 May 2023

UK Pet Food Pet Obesity Help Sheet

This help sheet is useful for owners who are looking for ways to get their dog into shape.

Maintaining a healthy weight and body condition is not easy, neither for humans nor for their furry companions. According to the World Health Organisation, human obesity has nearly tripled globally since 1975 due to changes such as increased consumption of energy dense foods, urbanisation and a sedentary lifestyle. The same pattern is also seen in dogs with the majority of veterinary professionals believing that pet obesity is on the increase.

UK Pet Food wants to help to reverse this trend and has teamed up with experts in human behaviour to give pet owners tools to help them keep their furry friends a healthy weight. In addition to our existing Pet Size-O-Meters, pet food calorie calculators, posters and food diaries, thanks to research funded by Purina and published in the journal Preventive Veterinary Medicine, we have developed a new tool to help you identify and tackle some of the most challenging scenarios in feeding and treating your pets.

If you would like to give it a go, then download this factsheet, which describes some of the challenges that dog owners might encounter, including common situations that lead people to feed their dog too much or the wrong types of food. 


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