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UK Pet Food members collectively represent around 90% of the UK pet food market. Our membership base covers both manufacturers of pet food and ingredient suppliers - covering species ranging from dog, cat, small mammal, fish, indoor and wild bird. There are a wide range of pet food formats and our membership base includes manfufacturers producing; dry, wet, raw (frozen and cold press). Please see our current members below.
Logo of Alltech


Stamford, United Kingdom

With expertise in animal nutrition, Alltech — a family company with Irish roots — has been successful worldwide for more than 40 years and offers our animal family members an exciting range of supplements that, combined with its products, can make a lasting contribution to health and well-being. 7000 employees, customers in 120+ countries, 5 Bioscience Research Centres, 80+ manufacturing facilities, 20+ Research alliances complemented with collaborations of 100+ Universities.

Logo of Barentz UK LTD

Barentz UK LTD

Barentz holds a leading position in the UK, distributing ingredients for Human Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical markets.

Logo of Blankney Estates

Blankney Estates

Arable farming is the core business of Blankney Estates Limited. We manage over 14,000 acres, growing a wide range of arable crops for human consumption, animal feed and energy production. Farming is centred around the villages of Blankney, Metheringham and Scopwick, as well as parcels of land north of Lincoln, and at Evedon near Sleaford.

Logo of Buitelaar


Knaresborough, United Kingdom

With five generations of experience behind us, we pride ourselves as experts in bringing premium raw materials to both domestic and international pet food industries. Running our own award-winning integrated beef supply chain, we truly understand the importance placed upon transparency, traceability and quality. Our dried, fresh and frozen raw materials are the result of everything we’ve learnt from working with food producers from one end of the chain to the other.

Logo of Cargill PLC (Provimi)

Cargill PLC (Provimi)

Thirsk, United Kingdom

At Cargill, we strive to be the best choice in animal nutrition solutions. In the UK, our team uses our nutritional expertise and knowledge to provide superior innovative nutritional products and services to the pet food & agricultural feed industry. Our offering at Dalton includes pellets, concentrates, premixes and minerals, specialties and supplements.

Logo of Henry Bell & Co Grantham Ltd

Henry Bell & Co Grantham Ltd

Henry Bell & Co (Grantham) Limited has been established since 1825 primarily within the agricultural industry supplying seed, fertiliser and chemicals to local farmers and trading their cereals and pulses.

Logo of Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Malvern, United Kingdom

We are Lallemand Animal Nutrition, a global leader in the science of fermentation and a primary producer of yeast and bacteria, ensuring product quality, consistency and safety for every customer. Leveraging the natural power of yeast and bacteria, we develop, produce and market a broad range of highly technical and innovative microbial products - including para-probiotics, postbiotics and yeast derivatives– specifically selected to help you improve companion animal well-being in a natural way.

Logo of Natures Pet Products

Natures Pet Products

Manchester, United Kingdom

Natures Pet Products is a specialist provider of wholesale raw pet food ingredients across the UK. We are DEFRA approved and can supply pet food manufacturers with meat, meat by-products, fruit and vegetables from the human food chain.

Logo of Prinova Europe LTD

Prinova Europe LTD

London, United Kingdom

Like humans, animals rely on proper nutrition for growth and development. At Prinova, we offer high-quality vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, additives, and many other nutritional ingredients to optimise the health and performance of pets and livestock. Take advantage of our local market insights, diverse ingredients, and robust supply chain to create competitive pet food and animal feed products.

Logo of SPF United Kingdom Ltd (Symrise Pet Food)

SPF United Kingdom Ltd (Symrise Pet Food)

Doncaster, United Kingdom

Symrise Pet Food is the global leader of high value solutions improving pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction. We partner with pet food manufacturers to offer complete solutions covering 3 essential aspects of pet food thanks to our dedicated expert brands: Pet Food Palatability with SPF, Pet Nutrition with Nuvin and Pet Food Protection with Videka. With 32 sites around the world including a UK site in Doncaster, our global presence allows us to remain close to our suppliers and customers.