Pet Nutrition

We believe that animal welfare starts with great quality nutrition. UK Pet Food is committed to providing pets with quality, nutritious and safe food.
Our members are responsible for feeding the 50 million+ pets in the UK and we take that responsibility very seriously. As an industry, we are committed to providing high quality, nutritious, and safe pet food, and providing clear guidelines to pet owners on how to responsibly feed pets.

We work closely with FEDIAF, the European Pet Food Association, and other leading authorities to achieve a balanced regulatory regime for the production of nutritious and safe food and are committed to continuously raising the bar across industry. 


Education and Myth-busting

UK Pet Food works with pet nutrition experts to develop informative factsheets, posters and other tools for pet owners to gain knowledge and understanding on key topics of pet nutrition. We share these with stakeholders such as veterinary practices, welfare organisations and pet shops - to be shared with pet owners. 


Pet Food and Nutrition Training Course 

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UK Pet Food launched a Pet Food and Nutrition Course, to provide an all-round introduction to nutrition, pet food production and marketing regulations. The first two rounds of the course, in June and October 2019, sold out quickly and received great feedback from attendees. 

Due to the Coronavirus global pandemic, the course was successfully transformed to a series of live online webinars since 2020. The webinar series offered flexible and affordable pet food and nutrition training to pet professionals worldwide. In 2023, UK Pet Food will be bringing back the classroom-based course, as well as the online webinar series, to offer as much opportunity and flexibility as possible in providing continuous training to pet professionals.