07 Sep 2023

UK Pet Food Manifesto

UK Pet Food is the voice for the UK Pet Food industry, and our mission is to advance pet health and wellbeing with quality, sustainable nutrition. This Manifesto outlines our key priorities and ‘asks’ of policy makers in order to continue to deliver tasty and nutritious food for the UK’s 38 million pets.


We require safe, nutritious, and sustainably produced ingredients with a food system that recognises and values pet food.

UK Pet Food is calling for policy makers and the farming community to recognise the critical role pet food plays in supporting the agricultural sector. It is essential that pet food is included in any national action plan for food and considered in relevant policy making, particularly around the shift to more sustainable food systems and net zero.


We need to maintain regulatory alignment with the EU and call on the Government to support businesses in accessing new markets.

UK Pet Food is calling for any legislation related to pet food safety to be upheld under the REUL. Much of the retained EU law is key for business in the domestic market, as well as allowing the UK to continue to export to our largest market. Going further, we support a negotiated form of veterinary agreement to ease problems trading pet food between GB and the EU and GB to NI. For trade with the rest of the world, we would like to see a strategic effort to support UK businesses to break into new markets and to protect producers from lower standard imports.


We want a society that treats pets with their best interests at heart, and a food system that places the welfare of farmed animals as the paramount goal.

UK Pet Food believes the Kept Animals Bill is a golden opportunity to stop low welfare puppy imports.  Government should also look at practical ways to support UK farmers and their continuous improvements of welfare on- farm. We call for policy makers protect our progress by ensuring that our trade policy maintains the same ambitions. 

Along with the UK’s animal welfare charities, we believe children and young people should be educated about caring for animals and there is a need for animal welfare on the curriculum.


We want to ensure a society that values the important role pets play in the improvement of health and mental wellbeing.

UK Pet Food calls on local authorities, housing providers, employers, landowners etc to reduce barriers to pet ownership and we encourage health professionals to value the health benefits of assistance animals. We ask policy makers to recognise the role pets play in addressing the obesity epidemic by encouraging exercising with their pets. We also believe that policy makers to encourage dog friendly workplaces where appropriate.